Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sound Of Music

The sound of music was made in the late 1930's
but its a color movie, great quality and i just love it!
you should really watch it.
so anyway, we have an annual day at my school.
so this time we did a play of the
Sound of Music!
in a actual aditorium and it was really cool!
p.s. the sound of music movie stars young Julie Andrews (like in her 20's or something)
and you can't watch it on youtube

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  1. Hello Anushka! What a CUTE blog you have! The Sound of Music is my family's all time favorite movie (other than all the Disney, Star Trek, Star War movies...) and we even have a copy of it (on tape!! old school--I know!LOL)!! I can watch it over and over again! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! xoxo